Motorcycle taxis

Motorcycle taxis
Speed:     ♥♥♥♥
Tariff:      ♥♥
Comfort: ♥
Easy:        ♥♥

This is one for true daredevils. The expression time is money is something motorcycle drivers live by. All of us from Bangkok.Taxi have encountered near death experiences on the back of a motorcycle at least once. Yet we keep taking them because they’re just so damn convenient.

But don’t worry, you’ll probably won’t need one. Motorcycles, or motorcy as the Thai call them, are good for one thing and for one thing only: Getting from the big street into a neighbourhood. Near most public transport stations, like the BTS and MRT lines, there’ll be motorcycles waiting to take you into the surrounding neighbourhoods to your final destination. They know the neighbourhoods by heart so just give them the name of the hotel / restaurant / building you’re going to and they will know.

It’s fast, very fast, because they won’t shy away from driving against traffic if there’s more space in the opposite lane. The rates are fixed and they won’t try to get a little extra, because time is money and two minutes arguing about a fee could’ve been another customer.

It’s probably best to forget about this one. Better safe than sorry. Just ignore all the motorcycle drivers in their orange vests and get into a taxi.


Perfect for: Daredevils who made their way using public transport and need a motorcy to get to the exact destination.
Don’t use: If you have any lust for life left.
How to book: Go to a motorcycle ‘station’, easy to spot because of all the drivers in the orange vests. You’ll find several near any BTS/MRT station.